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Pranic Healers Hub 
Elevate Your Life: Uncover the Power Within
Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed in today's fast-paced world? Dive into the transformative world of Pranic Healing® 
Discover the Basics of Working with Energy: Learn powerful techniques to harness the energy around you for enhanced focus and vitality.
Master Stress Management: Say goodbye to the constant buzz of stress and embrace a calmer, more centered mindset for increased productivity.
Attain Mental Clarity: Break free from mental clutter and gain crystal-clear clarity to navigate life's challenges with ease and confidence.
Experience Inner Peace: Find solace amidst chaos as you unlock the secrets to inner tranquility and genuine happiness. We offer workshops, meditation sessions, and other tools for growth tailored for busy 
professionals like you!


Join the ranks of doctors, chiropractors, and busy professionals benefiting from Pranic Healing® Workshops, Meditations, and One-on-One Healings!

Unlock efficient healing techniques for accelerated results. Learn energetic anatomy, preventive healing, and self-pranic techniques. Address ailments comprehensively, from respiratory to reproductive systems. Elevate your healing practice and well-being today!

  • Zen Time
    Zen Time
    In-Person, Virtual and Distance Healing
    NMHealing Meditation Studio , 6951 Virginia Pkwy suite 213, McKinney, TX 75071, USA
    Experience Full Relaxation Cleanse, Balance and Align your energy centers
  • Find Your Inner Voice
    Find Your Inner Voice
    In-Person, Virtual and Distance Healing
    NMHealing Meditation studio , 6951 Virginia Pkwy suite 213, McKinney, TX 75071, USA
    Tailored Meditation Practice Develop your spiritual practice, learn principles, techniques meditation, and mantras 60-minute session in Person and Virtual Zoom Session
  • Mind Renewal
    Mind Renewal
    In-Person, Virtual and Distance Healing
    NMHealing Meditation Studio, 6951 Virginia Pkwy suite 213, McKinney, TX 75071, USA
    Psychological Pranic Healing Sessions using tailored protocols to help manage symptoms Distance healing combined with 3 Zoom meetings 50 minutes.

Our Community Opens
Their Hearts  

“Surviving domestic violence left me with so many wounds. PTSD, anxiety, and depression to name a few. Norma's gentle and expert approach helped me find the strength to get on the path of continuous healing." 

“Growing up with trauma, anger and fear made my adult life very complex. My faith is restored, relationships are easier to manage, and fear no longer controls my life.  The techniques Norma uses help me work through the blocks that were preventing me from true freedom. I am grateful Norma was sent to my life. I highly recommend her sessions. The transitions are more smoothly with her guidance."

“I am very fortunate to have met Norma. I have been under psychotherapy and psychiatrist treatment due to depression (related to severe prolonged abuse) for 5 years.  Norma is very flexible with my busy schedule and understands my needs as if she is a part of me.  Long term abuse requires a long term healing process. So I am going to continue with her sessions while I deal with different life lessons."

Nabhitha M

Martha S

Claire G

“Focusing enough to get things done and quieting the continuous rambling in the mind was a hard chore for me to manage. Cleansing and balancing my chakras was something that Norma helped me with, Today with her help I have learned to slow down and plan my days." 

“A Session of discovery is what it was for me when I work with Norma. She helped me find the courage to face areas of me that I could not do on my own."

“After failed attempts to quiet the mind and to meditate, Norma helped me break down the process. As an engineer, I have to know what I am doing, she provided guidance and helped me focus to allow the thoughts to flow and not get distracted. I have learned to hear my true self and discover a new me."

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Terry S

Susie P

Ceasar M

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