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Discovery Call Session $50.00

20 Minutes 

Experience the benefits of a healing session

This session will assess the situation, the plan of action, and the scheduling. 

This Fee will be credited to your full scheduled session, single or bundle package 

We offer Office, Distance Healing, and Experiences Via Zoom. 

Our Community
Featured Testimonial  

“I am very fortunate to have met Norma. I have been under psychotherapy and psychiatrist treatment due to depression (related to severe prolonged abuse) for 5 years. Although medical treatment, exercise, and dietary changes were helping me, continued abuse was not letting me heal. I tried YouTube and many other sites but was not able to meditate or sleep. Norma is very flexible with my busy schedule and understands my needs as if she is a part of me. She doesn’t judge me but at the same time, she corrects my thought process without any force.


Her techniques have been able to calm me down so that I can focus on meditation better. This in turn has reduced my physical and emotional pain and exhaustion. Everyone says “think positive” but it's very difficult to do that when the brain is exhausted from the pain. Within a month of her sessions, my brain was able to keep my pain and suffering aside and see the light and opportunity for a better life. As I work in the medical field, I have seen that there are many things that can’t be explained by science or evidence.


I believe you have to be completely open to receiving such healing otherwise it would be a challenge. Her sessions are not only helping me but also my son (through me) who has to learn to deal with difficult and unfair life lessons. Long term abuse requires a long term healing process. So I am going to continue with her sessions while I deal with different life lessons"

Nabhitha M

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