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Spiritual Coach

 Pranic Healer 




Norma Merla

Spirituality has been present in my life since childhood.  Time passed and life happened.

Challenges help me gain experience and wisdom to see what looked like mistakes to the naked eye, was nothing more than tests to be passed in order to evolve.

Today I am here, after remembering who I am, responding to the call of Healing.

Life continuously shows me the many tools available to have the best quality of life.  My mission is to share it with others, empowering them with such light.

Life is a beautiful book written daily.  Every step, action, thought and emotion helps us to leave an imprint to make a joyful, well-rounded world for future generations.  When we heal properly our ability to see things as they are, become quantified, therefore, we give our best contribution.

Writing and Reading books is one of my passions Being in contact with nature allows me to see beauty.  I have a beautiful family that supports me and we all continuously heal day by day.  Always drawn to prayer, started to practice meditation on Twin Hearts and received much-needed peace and calmness in my life. 

Practicing forgiveness, love, compassion, makes me appreciate and have new eyes to everything around me.  Life has never been the same. I got Beauty for ashes, and now, after becoming a Pranic Healer along with other healing modalities, I can share the gift of moving further faster and achieving oneness.

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